Connecting two projects

I’m having trouble connecting two projects that use Dynamic Data Attachments. I was following instructions like this post, but it haven’t worked. After submitting Round 1 survey, I want to see data of round 1 in round 2 matching by ID, but I cann’t see anything.
Could you help me review it and share with me how to fix it?
I attach documentations below.
Round 1.xlsx (14.5 KB)

Round 2.xlsx (14.6 KB)

Thank you!

Hi @anvi, do I checked your codes and did not see any issue. Did you wait for around 10-15 mins before checking it in the child form? It did not mentioned in the article but there is a 10-15mins sync time between forms

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Yes, I waited 15 minutes and tried Round 2 survey, but it still didn’t work. Meanwhile, I tried using the code in the post’s example and it still worked normally.

@anvi, I assume you will need to watch the video shared in the support article. You must be missing some steps outlined there. Try being careful with step 4:

The name of the linked parent survey is similar to the name of xlm-external in child survey, as shown below with “survey” name. I tried many times but still didn’t work :frowning:


Hi, @Kal_Lam and all. I really hope to receive your support, could you help me test it again? Or is there a problem with my account?

Are you using Enketo or Collect?

I am using Enketo.