Constraints on some questions

I am on a questionnaire and I would like to do this:
For example.
Question Q1: same answer option
Question Q2: same answer option
Question Q3
Question Q4
Question Q5 : same answer option
Question Q6 : same answer option
Question Q7
Question Q8

The questionnaire is administered to two different people in a household. But if only one person can answer all the questions, they are asked.
My problem is that if only one person answers all the questions, I don’t want to ask him the questions Q5 and Q6 as he already answered the question Q1 and Q2.
Does anyone know how to put a constraint that allows to skip the questions Q5 and Q6 if it is the same person who answers and to pass automatically to the question Q7 and Q8 after having answered the question Q4

At which place in the form, during flow of the interview, do you know/register that this is the second person?
Is there a question before with a value indicating that this is the same person? E.g. Q1 and Q2?
You may then define a relevant clause for Q5 and Q6, as ${Q1} = “”. So, Q5 and Q6 would only be asked/stored if Q1 is empty.


An example of how the questionnaire is structured.
I hope this helps
The questionnaire is in French.
test.xlsx (16.2 KB)

Je pense, vous pouvez utiliser la question choix de respondant_b (select_one) pour definir un “relevant” pour filtrer les questions.

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