Creating A Different Type of Question


I would like to ask whether it is possible to create a type of question that does not included in the KoboForm. I need your help in creating a open ended question in which the participant can response in categories as can be seen in the attached table:

Thank you very much in advance for your response.

@ranaceylandag, have you gone through our support article Question Matrix Response Type? Maybe this is what you are talking abour.

Thank you very much for the response.
Is it possible to add a condition to display a matrix question (“if the condition apply”)?
This option works for other types of questions, but I could not find a button to set the condition for my matrix question.


@ranaceylandag, do you mean adding skip logics to a matrix question?

Yes. In fact, I’ve founda a way. I added a code in the XLS file:

But still can not complete adding the condition properly.

Thank you very much for your support.
Now, I solved the problem and added the condition to the matrix question.
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