Creating a Survey using Burmese (Myanmar, mya) script

Hello all!
I am performing research in Myanmar and I want to create a survey using Burmese script. I am using an excel file to create my survey in Windows 10.

When typing the script I switch my keyboard to the “Burmese: Myanmar (Visual Order) Keyboard”. I also switch my font in excel to “Myanmar Text”. I start to run into issues when typing from the middle row of my keyboard (keys: a,s,d,f,g,h,j,k,l). For some reason when typing these letters the script appears as hash marked symbols (‌ေ‌ျေ‌ျေိ‌ျေိ်‌ျေိ်ါ့့ြ့ြု့ြုူ့ြုူ) making it impossible for native speakers to understand.

Does anyone have experience using this script? How can I create surveys in Burmese using an English keyboard? Is there another way I can successfully build a survey using the Burmese script?



Hi @dmetoyer19,

There are two different ways of adding another language to your survey form. The first one is through the Form Builder User Interface while the second one is through the xlsform.

If you wish to conduct your survey using the Burmese (Myanmar) script please follow the instructions as specified in the support article:

Method 1: Adding another language to your form through the Form Builder User Interface
Method 2: Adding another language to your survey form through the XLS Form

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Thanks @Kal_Lam

These resources are useful. I think the problems I am facing are more technological in nature. I am having trouble getting the font to show up in some cases. After some research and changing the fonts, I believe I have figured out how to go about making the fonts clear and legible.