Creating table within a survey form


Within my questionnaire, I would like to add questions in a table format -the first column would be the question and second column would be the numbers to enter in. Is this possible? If yes, how can I compute this in?

would you mind to give more details (example of your “table”) and the system you use: KoBoCollect or Enketo. Grid-style/matrix is NOT possible in KoBoCollect, but you might list several questions on the same screen (group with field-list appearance).

Hello @wroos,

I am using Enketo to collect my data. I have a list of 5 questions which have numerical answers, I would like to have those 5 questions in a table and then enter the data for each respective question within the table, instead of having 5 questions in a group on the same screen. Currently I have set the form using field-list and group, but I wanted to know if I can have a table.

I think your answer regarding grid-style/matrix makes it clear. Thank you

Hi @triptipande,
Just in case you are looking for the best approach, I agree with @wroos clarification on

I would however recommend that you read this article in detail.



This is super helpful and clear, thank you Stephane!