Csv is missing

Hi Kobo community,
need your help in solving the issue.
I finished creating the questionnaire in Excel,
ARC_UNAG_2023_search.xlsx (46.4 KB) . questionnaire Georgian alphabet is used in the questionnaire (UTF-8) .
At the same time, the data_ID.csv file is attached to the questionnaire and uploaded .
It is working normally at the moment: Enketo Express for KoboToolbox
Q1 - 100088110 - (for example - )
V.1 If we can talk about the vacancies that you have or will have in the next 6 months or year in the organization
V.2 How many vacancies do you currently have (write)?
and after that - V.2.1 Name the vacancy (subgroup/specialty), in web version all work ok and final form is being sent to "kobo - PC. but However, when uploading the questionnaire to the Android phone An “error” message appears after the question V2.

If you fill out the form in V2, you can enter " პროგრამი " (programi) it and choose an answer option.
Big thanks for the help.
P.S. “specialty” is in choices sheet and I don’t have a separate file

@shoshka, it could be a format issue with the CSV file. Could you share the CSV file with the community please? The community should be able to help you troubleshoot.

Hi Kal_Lam,
Thanks for your attention. This is a link to " data_ID" file, not uploaded here due to size.
I want to inform you that this attached file “works” normally (in kobotoolbox - web version (the link is in the letter, in the excel file line 3-24 ), the problem will arise in the second part of the questionnaire (line 40, 57 and 73) where the search function is used. The data for this question (select_one specialty) is hosted by "choices " sheet and is not uploaded as a separate CSV file.
This is a clue as to why I can’t fix it…
Thanks again for your attention.

@shoshka, could you upload your CSV file to the forum directly? Maybe that would be helpful for the entire community.

CSV file size = 18 mb, but “Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 25 MB). Why not upload your large file to a cloud sharing service, then paste the link?” That’s why I uploaded it [wetransfer.]

@shoshka, did you upload the CSV file directly to your KoboCollect android app or did you upload the CSV to your server?

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thanks for help!

Hi Kal_Lam. I use Kobotoolbox on PC desktop and than upload project on Android (kobotoolbox app)
Thanks David

@shoshka, would you mind uploading the CSV file to the server and then download them to your app (via the Get Blank Form?

Hi Kal_Lam.
I uploading them to server ( and if in DATA open project “Everything works fine, right”) but after download project to mobile “kobotoolbox app” get error message as you can see on up this page