Custom report shows 500 error with select_one_from_file question type

Hi @Kal_Lam ,

I have finally found lot of exemple of pull data, and I have make some tests.
pulldata in calculation is very great.
I have test select_one question with search() appearance. It’s only works with ODK Collect, not Enketo ?
I have also test select_one_from_file with search() appearance : ok, it’s works with Enketo.
But, if I submit a form, the “Reports” dashboard make a error : “Server Error (500)”.
This is a known error ?

My XLSFORM : select_one_from_file.xlsx (12.0 KB)
And my CSV file : fruits.csv (382 Bytes)

Maybe I have make a mistake ?
Thank you !

Yes, @jdugh when you make entries with select_one_from_file the auto-report (formpack) cannot handle select_one_from_file. This is a known issue in KoBoToolbox.