Data Column Name bug -

For some reason, I cannot use KTB form builder on browsers on my computer because of the Data Column Name changing as soon as I open the item. The name changes to my user name. if I open another item the names changes to my user name plus 1. I do not get this problem on my phone or another computer. I tried uninstalling google but that did not work. Can anyone assist me here?

Hi @DavidT,

Would you mind clearing the cache of your browser and or switching to another browser. Hope this helps sort out your issue.


I uninstalled Google Chrome This did not work. What I have done after your reply was reset Chrome and this worked. However, MS edge still does not work even when I clear all the browsing data. The column name changes to the last user I created even though
I am using my account.

No problem though. I will use Chrome

Thank you for your advice.


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