Data Dis-aggregation

I collected data for 3 different states using the same form. Now, I want to disaggregate data on the basis of each state, so that I can get reports on each state, instead of report of three states. Please, how can I achieve this?

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You have two options to achieve this;
i. When you open your account click on the form it will display a page, in the page look for a Report icon and click on it, it will give you an automatic analysis of your form which a default format.
ii. Or you download the excel format and do your analysis on it.
Hope you will find it okay.


Thanks! I have applied the second option. I appreciate your response. Cheers.

You are welcome.

I know this has been answered. In all our projects, we have created dynamic dashboards using kobotoolbox Api. This way, we give our clients complete control and ownership of their data from start of data collection exercise.