Data is missing and it's not uploaded automatically

I have collected data and uploaded it using the form, but it is not reflected in the dataset. The data is saved in drafts and queued for submission. However, it is not being uploaded automatically, nor am I able to export it. The data was filled in the desktop version. Please help me retrieve the data from the browser.

Hi @suresh14, Welcome to community!

Did you make any change in the form before sending the draft forms to server?

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I haven’t made any changes in the form

@suresh14, please ensure that the project exists on the server. Generally if the project has been deleted in the server, the submissions from the browser cannot reach the server.

sometimes, logging out and log in back solves the problem,

1 - open the form
2 - You will find log out button in the bottom of the form
3 - Log out. After that close the form
4 - Re-open the form and try to send it again. It will ask for the credentials

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