Data is missing

We have used your software to conduct a survey of families living in informal settlements in Belgrade, Serbia.

There is an error in the data that have been uploaded from your KoboCollect App to the KoboToolbox website. Answers to 14 questions are missing from approx. 533 of the 668 questionnaires. The researchers that conducted the survey can see the answers to those questions using KoboCollect App; however they cannot resubmitthe data from the App.

What to do? Is there any way to resend the data so that we get the full set of answers or salvage that data in some other way?

Additionally, is there anyway to reopen and edit a questionnaire in the App that has already be uploaded? (some questions were left blank but should be filled).

Mina Medic

Welcome to the community, @minamedic! Seems like you have 2 different issues:

  1. Your data is missing in the server. Answer to 14 questions are missing.
  2. You are unable to submit your data (from the KoboCollect android app) to the server.

Is this the issue you are having? If yes, could you also share with us screenshots that should backup your issue?

The screenshots should help us troubleshoot.