Data Missing after successfully summited through odk collet

I am the server administrator, we are experiencing the problem of missing of some data after successfully sent by enumerator using odk collect. some data received and shown in our own KoBo server some are not.

We are seeking for the assistance.

Welcome to the community, @rwabig! Would you mind sharing with the community a screenshot of the DATA>Table? The screenshot would be helpful to understand your issue pictorially.

Thank you @Kal_Lam
This is the screenshot :-

Hi @Kal_Lam , also another screen shot showing filter of the specific site of missing submission, it shows 28 submission, instead of 84 submissions from that site.

Thank you

@rwabig, when looking at your screenshot I don’t see any missing data. FYR I have highlighted the submissions in the image below:

@Kal_Lam from the tablet, I verified by my self the successful submission from “Amani” was 84, but in the server shows 28 as shown in the second screen shot! The first screen shot show submission in general from different sites.

OK, there could be one possibility that could have happened. To know if all the submissions were from your survey project you will have to go to the app’s View Sent Form detail and check the list of all the 84 records manually. I guess only the 28 submissions belonged to your survey project which they have already been synced with the server. And the remaining 56 submissions should be from other survey projects that was just in the app’s memory.

I checked the app’s “view sent form”. all submissions are for the same survey project. I don’t know what happened because currently the survey project is performing well and receiving data except that is missing and it happened at the start of the survey.

let me look alternatives of how to recover the missing data!

Thank you for the assistance

Hi @rwabig
Looking at this trail, kindly confirm the following:

  • You are only missing data from one user on the server?
  • The missing 56 instances/responses, were from different and random days or they were from a particular date set?

Logically speaking; when you submit data, it should be able to reflect onto the servers for all users. When one user reports that its only his data that is missing, there could be a number of issues including what @Kal_Lam has alluded to (use of wrong forms for collection and thus submission). I recommend you have a look even as you respond to the two queries from my end.


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Hi Team, @stephanealoo , @Kal_Lam

I’m glad the problem solved!
As few ODK Collect users got the successful upload message on their devices, and some of their forms wasn’t seen in the server.

The solution was:-
Go to the Send Finalized Forms screen, click the menu icon, select “Change View” and select “Show Sent and Unsent Forms”. The forms you sent should appear (so you can re-send them).

They were able to resend the forms, successfully submitted and now seen in the server.

Again, Thank you for the support :pray: :pray:

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Thank you for confirming and sharing the solution with the entire community @rwabig!