Data Missing from my data collection while filling data using Enketo

Hi Kal_Lam,

I am a research associate with an NGO working in humanitarian projects, We have recently done some data collection using both KoboCollect and Enketo (we gave the enumerator the option). During collection we seemed to be having issued with lost submissions using just Enketo. I am stumped as to why this occurred and how it can be resolved. However it seems through the community that you are a person who possibly has great “back of the house” access and might be able to assist with these data losses. Is there some more specific guidelines to Enketo, like not using a browser?? Hoping that you can help. Thanks


Hi @padraicfinan,

Welcome to the community! Kindly please be informed that when collecting data through Enketo, the data gets stored in the browser (when you are not connected with the net). Once you are connected to an internet the data gets synced automatically with the server. Caution: When your data is in the browser you should never clear the history of the browser or use any app that clears the memory which clears the browser. If you have done this, you will lose all the information as the data from your device.

To learn more on collecting data using Enketo (aka web-form) please have a look at our support article here.


Thanks for the info Kal. However, the issue I had was not about saving the drafts, but about successful submissions. I had a couple of enumerators who said that they had received the “flash” message at the top of the page, saying that the survey was successfully submitted. However I could not find these surveys in the Kobo website. The enumerators did not clear their browser history, however does that matter after Enketo says that you have made a successfully submission?? Is this data lost?? Is this an enumerator error?? Can the data be retrieved?? Thanks again for your help


Hi @padraicfinan,

Would you mind requesting your enumerators to check if the data is still stored in the browser as outlined in the support article here. My hunch is that the data is still stored in the browser.

Additionally, would you also mind sharing with me the browser name/type, device type along with the OS of the device the enumerators were using to collect data.

Have a great day!

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