Data Missing from my data collection

Good morning. On the 23rd of October I audited about 30-40 files in a rural hospital. I am returning today to completed the audit on another 40 files but on my kobotoolbox home page on my PC it only shows 8 submissions!
The forms definitely queued on my browser (I used an ipad) and they no longer appear listed in the form I am using for the upload. I urgently need to recover those submissions as I do not have time to re-audit. Please help!
Dr Madeleine Muller

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Hi @drmadmuller,

Welcome to the community! When collecting data through Enketo, the data gets stored in the browser (when you are not connected with the net). Once you are connected to an internet the data gets synced automatically with the server. Caution: When your data is in the browser you should never clear the history of the browser or use any app that clears the memory which clears the browser. If you have done this, you will lose all the information as the data from your device.


I have used kobotoolbox for many years and this is the first time this has happened. They were definitely queued for submission and once I had internet it looked like they had all uploaded (it has the little 0 now) What kind of apps would clean the memory of the browser? I’m worried something happened that I cant prevent from happening again. Today I collected all my data by hand. Are some browsers more problematic? I was on safari on an iPad. Madeleine

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I’m having this same problem!
I sent a form to tens of people and received around 50% of the reported submissions (browser submissions).
I thought they must have been doing something wrong, but then I tried to fill it a few times myself from other devices and got the same result. I even get a success message while the submission never appeared.

Hi @nartabaza
Welcome to the community forum. The issue you have presented could be a result of a couple of things, with the most likely culprits being an internet connectivity on the device or a delay within our systems which could have caused a delay in receipt of submissions. Normally we would require additional information to better understand your problem:

  1. Which server is/are your account/s located on?
  2. How long has this problem been existing?
  3. Are there specific geographies i.e. countries that have this problem or it is spread through out your project?
  4. On the submissions that you tested and made, were there some that went through or it was all of them failing to show on the server?

Once you provide this, we can be able to look at it.


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Thanks for the quick response!

  1. I’m using the humanitarian server
  2. I deployed this project around two weeks ago, I didn’t notice any problems the first week (but I didn’t track the submissions, so it might have been there) but throughout the second week, many confirmed submissions didn’t show up.
  3. the problem doesn’t seem to be related to a specific country.
  4. some of the test submissions did show up on the server.

I think you main issue is here

Can you confirm that all your users had updated their forms after your re-deployment. This could have been the main issue that affected your projetc.


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what do you mean by users updating their forms?
do you mean the people filling the forms just refreshing their browsers?
I’m using the form to collect testimonials, and it’s pretty short and simple, so I doubt this many people had opened the form long before they submitted it.
Anyway, are there any issues related to redeployment?
any known issues with bilingual forms, uploading pictures, submitting from certain types of devices?