Data pulled into the child project's form using dynamic attachment cannot be edited

Despite the data from the mother form has been pulled successfully, the pulled data in any of the question types (text, integer and select_one) cannot be edited.

I have attached the form as a sample.

Many thanks in advance.

sample.xlsx (10.1 KB)

You got that correct @thet! Editing with dynamically attached data cannot be edited at the moment.

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many thanks. much appreciated as always.

Would that function become possible at some point eventually?

On a related note, the example variables in the support article were given names which look very convincing that we can edit the data.

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It could be based on the priority and funding available.


Hi thet:
You may not edit the data directly into the data source, but you certainly can avoid the re-calculate of the field (in mobile app) if that is giving you problems.
That was my case and I solved by adding a “trigger” to the calculated fields that contains the references to the external-xml, the trigger helps to only re-calculate when that field changes, so you can freely edit those fields that shows the dynamic data and save the forms whitout problems.
(sorry if my english is not so good)

Hope that helped you.