Data Report showing 'untitled' for every question title

Hi there, if I navigate to Data -> Reports for any of my surveys, for each of the question results I have ‘untitled’ for the header part. However, looking at documentation and screenshots this should be the question. Has anyone experienced this behaviour?

Hi @Jorge,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly upload a screenshot of your issue so that it would be easier to understand the issue pictorially.


Hi Kal,

Many thanks. Please see attached picture. If you would prefer a full screenshot rather than only the affected area let me know.

This appears to be the case on all surveys with submissions. I have also tested cloning a survey and inputting a new response.


Hi @Jorge,

Seems like you are using your own server rather then the OCHA or the HHI. As i see a different interface then the one i see with ours.

That is correct. The version might be slightly older, but that should not matter with regard to the ability to link report titles?


Hi Jorge
Unfortunately given the fact we do not have version control on your server, we cannot be able to fully provide you answers that would address your system context. I suggest you work with your systems developer to resolve the issue on your end. There is very limited support that can be done on personal servers.


Hi @Kal_Lam, @stephanealoo

I appreciate your stance on personal servers, but are you able to provide any info on schema/table names that relate to the above report?