Data sent from KoBoCollect android app still not reached the server

Hello everyone,

Can I ask again the same question, but this time for data collectors using the Kobo Collect App ? They apparently said they sent the questionnaires a few days ago but it is still not in the data base. But it is in the “sent” section of their App.

And I do have the confirmation that it was sent because they sent me a screenshot of the “sent section”

Could you also share with us the screenshot that your team shared with you. This should be helpful for us.


Here it is

Have you checked it recently? Do you still confirm that the data sent to the server is still missing?

Hello @Kal_Lam

Yes I just checked and datas are still missing in the server

OK, so how much data do you assume should be missing? Could you kindly provide us a rough/exact figure?

Approximately 10 surveys are missing (from one partner organisation). The surveys are quite heavy, with a lot of conditions and some automatically calculated answers. I first thought it was because of the heaviness, but others were able to send theirs.

And when were the data form the other devices sent to the server? Was it around the same time or was it sent in a different time?

This form was deployed on the 4th of november. Since then, 19 surveys have been submitted

Dec 1st: 1 survey submitted
Dec 19 : 1 survey submitted
Dec 21 : 1 survey submitted
Dec 22: 1 survey submitted
Dec 24 : 2 surveys submitted
Dec 26: 2 surveys submitted
Dec 28: 1 survey submitted
Dec 29: 2 submitted
Dec 30 : 1 submitted
Junary 2nd : 3 submitted
Junary 3rd : 1 survey submitted
January 6th: 1 submitted
January 20th : 2 surveys submitted

Would you mind checking the date and time of the device that is having issue. Is it with the current date-time?

I just asked the person who has the device. It is the current date 25/01 and time (10.30pm here)

In this case, could you provide the following details through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server you are using

Just for confirmation …


What is the message written in this screenshot? Could you kindly translate them in English. It should be helpful?

I’ll send you this yes.
The translation is : Survey for the estimation of the profitability of local product processing and preservation units
Sent on the 19th of january

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Hi @koboML,

We have received your details. Will get back to you soon.