Data Server Error (500)

Hi Kal,

Could you help with data server errors that we have in a few Kobo projects? They are all on the global server :

Interestingly these are all based on the same template form, but other projects also based on the same template form work well. The data were collected on the CyberTracker application (we developed a specific application for this project that retrieves Kobo forms associated with it. Let me know if you need more details on this!

Thank you so much for your help!


@dianedetoeuf, could you kindly provide more details on this? So you meant you did not use the Collect Android App or Enketo to collect your data for the project that you deployed through the KoboToolbox server. Instead, you used your custom-made CyberTracker application.

Hi Kal,

You are right, we did not use the KoboCollect or Enketo app, but an application called CyberTracker, that retrieves froms from KoboToolbox. We’ve used that application for a while and everything was working perfectly until now.