Data visualization problems

Good day.
Thank you very much for your help, I have learned a lot on this page and thanks to it our project was able to define its form. I am not a programmer and my programming skills are very much in the past.
I have a problem with the display of the data collected through the KoBo Collet. My form has several groups with certain information that must be repeated “n” number of times, since all the data of those grypo is not displayed in my database in KoBoTollbox. If I view the submitted form, the information is there, but the data table is empty.
What I can do?

Are you taking about the repeat group questions you had/have collected?

Yes, I can see all the other values, but the ones that are within those repetitive groups I don’t see

Hi @gisela_alcala
Unfortunately, you cannot view the data from repeat groups within the database unless you download your data in XLS where you will find additional sheets for every group.


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Thank you very much for the information, I thought I had made a mistake.
Congratulations on your Blog, without knowing anything about KoBoTollbox or KoBo Collet, I was able to create a very complete form and configure cell phones, servers, authorizations, etc. It is very complete and with a simple language to understand.