Date-time question type not working as it should

Hi again,

For some reason, when including these date-time questions in a big form, the calendar and clock don’t appear - see screenshot below.

The full form is attached:
27032020_FormulaireOfftake_kobo_SWMGABON.xls (44 KB)

It is very weird because when trying the previous form only with the date-time questions, it works well. Any idea what’s happening?

Thank you



Hi Diane,
Thank you for indicating this behavior. Could you confirm that this problem is only limited to the web version of the forms and the form is working just fine on android collect app? If this is the case, then we noted this as an issue with the latest release of Enketo and has been documented for action by the developers.


Hi @dianedetoeuf,

Kindly please be informed that the date-time question type has been fixed by the developers and should work smoothly as it should in both the HHI server as well as the OCHA server.

I just tested your shared questionnaire and was able to see that the same works smoothly at my end.

Data entry form as seen in Enketo (HHI server):

Data entry form as seen in Enketo (OCHA server):

Please note: If you still face the issue (at your end), kindly please clear the cache of your browser.

Have a great day!

Hi Stephane and Kal,

That was a quick fix! Thank you again very much, it works well. I did not try on KoboCollect as we have a repeat group within another one and it doesn’t work well on KoboCollect so we prefer to use Enketo.

Have a great day too!

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