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Good morning, I have issues with this formulae for calculation
if((${code_projet} = ‘FM_24022_KDL’),${Palu_5_14_Palu_hommes_Palu}+${VIH_5_14_VIH_hommes_VIH}+${tuberculose_5_14_tuberculose_hommes_tuberculose},0)
it works very well when the condition is true.
When not, it puts 0, even if I enter values manually, it changes it to zero.
Please let me know how I can enter values manually.


Welcome @pui_mli,
This is the normal behaviour.
If you want to be able to edit, you would need to use once( if(…) ) or a trigger. See documentation, please:

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@pui_mli, in addition to the documents shared by @wroos, here are some posts discussed previously on how you can use once and trigger.