Delete after send - Configuration Setting (Collect Android App)

If the Collect setting “Delete after send” is on what exactly will happen

  • The case ID is still visible/listed in View Sent Form, but cannot be viewed for form data?
  • The case with all data is still on the phone (hidden)?
  • The case with all data can still be manually extracted with Briefcase?
  • The case will all data can still be found in the instance folder on the device and included in a zip file for manual upload?

If a send was initiated but did not succeed, is it possible that the case data are automatically

  • set to sent?
  • and even deleted?
    Did you ever experience such cases?

We would like to use the “Delete after send” setting, but only if there is NO related risk at all that collected data might get lost (cannot be recovered manually even).

Thanks in advance!


Yes, but it cannot be retrieved! It’s only a reference on how many interviews were collected and submitted to the server.

No, this data cannot be extracted even with Briefcase.

No because there should be no files under the instance folder.

If a send was initiated but did not succeed through KoBoCollect android app, it still stays safe in the KoBoCollect android app. This generally happens when the information is incomplete. In such case you should complete the form and then you should be able to send them to your server.