Deleting historical forms of a project

Dear Kal,
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I was wondering if I could delete the form history for my project. The reason for my request is that I have columns in the historical forms that I have deleted in the newest form, and when I downloaded the Excel file, it was still downloading the deleted columns. I tried to fix it by deleting all the data, but I still have the same result. Then I found out that I could fix it by unchecking “Include data from all 16 versions”, Even though this helped, this is only for now because I am still in the pilot phase of the form. But, when I will share the form for collecting data, and after that I might need to modify a field in the form (some managers ask to make changes that are needed in the final version), here I will have to also uncheck “Include data from all 16 versions”, and by doing this I will not be able to get the data that was collected. I hope my request is clear. Sorry for the long message, and thank you in advance!

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Welcome back to the community, @Marwan! You must follow the process by unchecking the Include data from all ... versions. This is the only option. BTW, please also be informed that the system will not let you clear the form versions. Doing so will complicate your data (as you already have several redeployments). If you force deleting the form versions, you may have issues downloading your data.