Deploying KoBo Framework on Our Server

Hi KoBo community!

For a data collecting project we are going to install the kobotoolbox stack on our own servers. We have quite a few questions after our initial testing.

  1. Please confirm the licenses are Affero/BSD/Apache for koboform/kobocat/enketo-express respectively.

  2. What is the current relationship of kobocat with onadata project? They have announced a beta version recently, but it seems you haven’t pulled their commits since the time you have forked the project, nor pushed anything upstream. They’ve done some bugfixing as well. Do you plan to update onadata-related parts in kobocat or is it used as a base you are not going to do major updates on?

  3. Do you release occasionally? Your dist-kobo-devel installation method pulls the latest code from git repos. Assuming we start our server using just that, is it safe to pull to the newest changes whenever we want to update our server software (after probably reviewing commits and testing things ourselves)?
    A concern for us is, if you change the database schema, do you release patches or database migration scripts that will handle the changes in database handling?

  4. Your dist-kobo-devel scripts have issues; e.g Chris Lea’s repos are now being replaced by NodeSource’s repos, postgres 9.4 is already out. And user name is fixed to ‘vagrant’ which is a problem if the kobo stack is going to be used outside vagrant. Do you plan updating these or accept pull requests?

  5. Do you have a roadmap on what are you going to implement next? With our requirements we may have to implement additional features. Would you like us to discuss and send pull requests for you?

Sorry for the length in advance and the uncertain tone in our questions!

Best Regards;
Hossein Azady.