Details updated in the CSV files are not reflected in the blank form

@ Kal_Lam Hi,

Thanks for your support always.

We were able to load all data on the csv file and load it to kobotoolbox server and deploy though when we pull-data using a unique code we are able to see the preloaded data on the android
pulldata1609.xlsx (14.0 KB)
phones. Unfortunately, in case a user wants to update the details , the submitted form has previous data and not the updated one , what could be the problem?

I have attached the form

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@andiegogeorge, in this case, you will need to do the following:

  • After you update the information in the CSV file, you will need to replace the existing CSV file in the server.
  • You will also need to redeploy it so that the changes you made to the CSV are synced with the form.
  • If you are collecting your data with the Collect android app, you need to update the blank form by selecting the Get Blank Form again.