Device not accepting password

Hi everyone.
I have one device that is not accepting password. When you go to server settings, you type URL then Ok, Username then Ok but when you type the password, the OK button doesn’t work. What could be the issue?


Welcome back to the community @hengathuku! Is it a case of only a device?

Hi @hengathuku
In addition to the @Kal_Lam query, could you also provide the following information:

  1. Which application were you using i.e. KoBoCollect and ODKCollect?
  2. Which version of the application were you using?
  3. Can you send a screenshot of the failure? don’t share the username and password on the screenshot?
  4. Confirm whether the device/s had ever worked before.


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Hi. Thank you. I t is KoboCollect. The version is 1.28.0 and only 1 phone having that issue. Unfortunately I can’t share a screenshot since the user is far from my location. However, as per the user, no error msg displayed. It’s only that you can’t select OK to confirm the password after entry. You type URL and username without any issue but on the password sub-screen, you can’t select OK or CANCEL meaning you can’t confirm/save the password typed. I hope I have explained well enough. Thank you,

Hi @hengathuku,

Would you mind reinstalling the KoBoCollect android app and see if it solves the issue. If not, would you also mind letting us know the android version and the model the user is using.

Sure. I will

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The device is Tecno Pop2 running on Android version 8


Could you also share with us the screenshot of the General Settings>Server? This should be helpful.