Different labels are shown in different questions

I am trying to create a survey where each question has five sub-questions. Where each sub question has 2-5 labels (options). Each question has the same subset of 5 questions with same labels. That’s why I generated the question set in the Library and copied it everytime to build a new group of question. But as I completed the form and view it. Some sub questions have shown the different labels from another question. The misrepresentation occurred in multiple questions. Kindly guide us to solve the problem.

Welcome to the community, @npjtasurvey! If you download the sample question (that you generated) from your library as an xlsform and also download the survey project that has this issue in an xlsform you should see that the source (library) should have an issue with the label.

You will thus need to fix the error at your source (i.e., in the library) and then generate it to a new project. This should solve your issue.