Directly answering the form after launching the Kobo app

Once the user launches the KoboCollect app, it is preferred to skip clicking on “Fill Blank Form” button and choosing the form. We plan to remove all the buttons, menus and leave only 1 form and it makes more convenience if we can land directly on the answering to that only form.

Thank everyone in advance for the tips.

Welcome to the community, @sengchheang! Have you gone through our support article discussed and shared previously (it should solve your issue of hiding unwanted buttons):

Dear @Kal_Lam ,

thank you for quick response. :smile:
I already managed to hide those unwanted buttons.
However, it is now the situation which we have only 1 button (Fill Blank Form) and only 1 form. Having this situation, it is wanted that these two steps are skipped, hence the user fills in the answer immediately after launching the app.

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Yes, you could configure this settings through the General Settings>Form management>Form update>Blank form update mode.

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