Displaying area mapping data

Hello all,

I am new to KoboToolbox so please forgive my ignorance. We are recording some area data, collection works fine using gps as we walk the perimeter. My challenge arises as I can not seem to display the data collected on a map?

The form consists of 10 questions about the site, the area is one of those questions. Could that be were the issue is coming?

Any help much apricated


Welcome to the community, @ebrett! Is your geopoint question inside a repeat group?

Hi there! Yes I believe it is.

We are collecting data on schools. So in each school we are recording the perimeter and other data points.


If your geopoint data is within a repeat group, you will miss this feature of displaying it on the Map.

Okay. So I need to create a form that just records the geopoint data?

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Correct! The geopoint should be outside the repeat group if you wish to see them on the Map.

Could we have two questions in this form

  1. Name of School
  2. Perimeter using geopoint

Would that work?

Yes, it should work as far as it’s outside the repeat group.

Hello @ebrett,

Could you provide an extract of the related questions?
Do you register one school per form or several?

You might also export your data and develop your own mapping with the GPS data per case.

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