Displaying question based on response in select one question

Hi, I urgently need help regarding filtering of questions @Kal_Lam

I want to build the form as:

Q1 : select one

  1. school going
  2. college going
  3. working

if option 1 is selected
Q: which class

  1. nursery
  2. primary (1st to 5th)
  3. secondary (6th to 10th)
  4. Sr. secondary (11th and 12th)

if option 2 is selected
Q: which course
text answer

if option 3 is selected
Q: select one

  1. government job
  2. private job
  3. self employed (business)

Hi @tanvi and welcome to the community!

You can solve this by using cascading questions, please take a look at this wonderful help article: Adding Cascading Select Questions — KoboToolbox documentation

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.