Double filter

Hello everyone,

One question, i try to make a doble filtre for some weird reasons or mine…
I want answers of a select_one (or select_multiple same) to be filtered on the answers to 2 questions.
Depending of a partner, and of the activity he selected to report something, i want the possible answer to what he report be different depending on who this partner is, and the activity he selected.

For example for Partner1, if he reports something about activity1, the options could be A, B, C
For Partner2, activity1 options could be D,E,F (Because this partner is in charge of something else)

But if partners choose others activities the list of thing to report would change too: a doble filter on the partner and the activity selected therefore.

I tried to simply in the choice put the answers with in the column filteractivity the related activity and in the column filterpartner the related partner and in the survey page in the column choice_filter i put
${activity} = filteractivity and ${partner} = filterpartner
but it doesn’t seem to work… The XLS form charge well in kobo but the doble filter thing isn´t working well…

If anyone already tried to do it give me some tips pleaaaase :slight_smile:


Hey @Quentin,
You can add one single select question for both partners and then add two select many questions for activity A B C and activity D E F and in each activity question add each skip logic for activity. for both partners. Add skip logic in activity question also for Others type (If others Please specify). Hope it will work. Thank you

I suspect what you are looking for is called a cascading select.

Thank you Saharaa,

Yes i thought about it but then i have two variable for my questions what to report, one for the first partner, one for the second partner and in my case as i’m developping it to be automatized there are no limit on the number of partners and i don’t want to have 50 variable for the same question…

Xiphware, yes i know the cascading select opción, and it’s exactly about it that i wonder if it’s possible de create a doble cascading system, having type of answer depending on two filters in two different cells.

It seems to me that it cannot be done, what i’ll do is:

My first question is about the partner, then the answers to the activity while have choices filtered and codified by partner: for partner1, activity 1 will be codified partner1_activity1 with a filter on partner1. (Therefore i will writte as many list of activities as i have partners)
Then, on the question What to report, i will have a filter on the code partner#_activity#,
In this way the cascading questions will depend on the activity and the partner at the same time.

It’s completly the cascading question procedure, just i was hoping i could have codes for my activity not depending on the partner, and then filter what to report by both activity and partner at the same time.

Thank you very much for your rapid answers, :slight_smile:

Could you perhaps post your XLSForm here; perhaps we can determine why this isnt working

I cannot share the exact XLS Form with the name of partners and possible situation they could report. an anonymous version of it, in screenshot would be that:
We have a list of partner (here only 2), a list of results, activities,subactivities (We work in spanish…)


Then we have a list of age range that i would like to filter on both the subactivity, and the partner:

And in the survey page i have of course my question about partner (socios) and the simple cascading selection of subactivity:

And the question about the group age with the attempt of double filter:

Then this double filtre doesn’t seem to work so what i did is filter the cascading selection of results, activity subactivities by partners, having therefore only one cascading question, changing my “names” in order to know what i am talking about so it’s fine for me this way. Then if anyone thinks there is a possibility for a doble cascading system it would be interesting to share :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for you prompt answers!