Download Error for XLS

I am getting an error downloading xls data from my forms, i previosly was able to do this for all my forms but now its giving me an error.

Welcome to the community, @chatikobosp! Could you kindly share with me the screenshot of the issue? Maybe we should be able to understand more by seeing the screenshot.

How are you @Kal_Lam, thank you for getting back to me. Apparently this morning it’s downloading my previously exported xls, but won’t let me export a current one, nor delete the old one.

All my forms are asking me to redeploy, and are giving me an error shown in the screenshot.

@chatikobosp, could you provide me the project name for which you are not able to download your data and the project name for which you are not able to delete from the server? Please send us the information through a private message.

Cannot send a private message. am getting an error message.

OK. You should now be able to send me private message. If you are still not able to please refresh your page.

@chatikobosp, while downloading your data as XLS format I don’t see any issues. FYI:

Yeah i can see that @Kal_Lam, can you try deleting those exports, it’s failing. Checked my other project, Carnivore Scat Collection and Analysis Data Sheet it’s not downloading, or exporting. And they are still asking me to redeploy and giving an error, all projects.

@chatikobosp, please be informed that I could download that as well (without any errors):