Download failed when I try to get my form on kobo collect

Hello everyone.

I created a questionnaire which has some cascading questions , when I am previewing them on kobotoolbox UI it works perfectly but when I try to get it on Kobo collect android app for survey purpose it says “downloads failed”.

Is it possible to have a cascading questions on odk collect?

Your help will be highly appreciated, thank you!

Hi @nic10ben, Welcome to the community
please share xlsform so that the community can help you

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I am not able to upload the file, they are saying new users can not upload attachments.

Anywhere else I can send it?

type name label calculation repeat_count
int number number of family members
begin_repeat info info ${number}
text name name
decimal age age
select_one sex sex sex
calculate cal_Index int if(${age}<18 and ${age}>=13,position(…),0)
begin_repeat target ${number}
calculate cal_name if(int(indexed-repeat(${cal_Index}, ${info}, position(…)))>0,indexed-repeat(${name}, ${info}, position(…)),‘’)
calculate cal_age if(int(indexed-repeat(${cal_Index}, ${info}, position(…)))>0,indexed-repeat(${age}, ${info}, position(…)),‘’)
calculate cal_sex if(int(indexed-repeat(${cal_Index}, ${info}, position(…)))>0,indexed-repeat(${sex}, ${info}, position(…)),‘’)
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