Downloading form list failed

I am new in Kobotoolbox.
I created a form and deployed it. Then, I tested on my phone and it says, Form list download failed.
Can you help me to fix this?
Thank you indeed

Welcome to the community, @experimentation! Do you mean you get the error message when you try to get the blank forms to your KoBoCollect android app?

Yes That exactly is

@experimentation, if this is the case, I would advise you to validate your xlsform through this online validator to see if there are any issues with it. Sometimes, when there are issues in your xlsform, this happens.

As a reference, you could look to this post discussed previously, which is very similar to your case:

However, please feel free to reach us back if the issue still persists.

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I checked the link with the online validator, then the site ask me to submit the file. However, I created the form in kobotoolbox website and I don’t know how to submit this file.

Likewise, I created a simple form without xlsform modification. I deployed a single entry test but it still not working as well.

I sorry again, I am new in this platform

@experimentation, you could download your data as xlsform and then validate it with the online validator.

I checked the form in the online validator and there is no error. However, I cannot be downloaded

Have you confirmed that your settings are OK following this support article: