Dumping a response after a skip


In using the XLS FOrms, is there a way of “dumping” a (default) response after skipping? I am avoiding creating groups and after skipping, I “dump” a suitable response. Check this situation when registering Under 5’s and Pregnant and Lacting Women.

Capture Date of Birth
System validates according to age
If Under 5,
Capture Details Sex
Capture Household Details
End Capture
Sex Details = “Female” (Dumping)
Skip to capture PLW Status (Pregnant or Lactating)
Capture Household Details
End Capture

Could you explain to us a bit about your dumping concept? Maybe we could help you further if we can understand.

In that example, if one is capturing for a pregnant mother, their sex is automatically Female, no need for any capturing then you skip to capturing of household details

Hi @bkgwadi
Did you know you can also add some defaults by using calculate functions to existing question types to implement some of the desired parameters e.g. the example you provided


Unfortunately, when you skip a question, there will be no entry made to it. So you may need to allow for the question but having a conditional response based on any leading question such as pregnancy.

I must emphasize that all these customizations are really dependent on how you structure your questionnaire e.g. you cannot ask pregnancy questions before you ascertain gender? So from a logical standpoint, some of these may be interviewer training issues as opposed to an automated form design approach.


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