Dynamic attachment is not working


I set two forms for dynaimc attachment but I don’t get data in the child project. I’ve followed all the steps from here Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t works, it should be.

In the parent project I set an id that is a pull data field from csv and is a hidden field too. This is the id that I use to match in the child form with the same method, a pull data field from a csv.

In the parent project the id field and the questions I would like to link to a child form are in the same group.

In the child project I’ve used a calculation like this in the questions I would like to get data:
instance(‘email’)/root/data[museu_group/id= current()/…/id]/museu_group/Q02A01

I upload the two projects for more detail.
parent.xlsx (30.0 KB)
child.xlsx (34.6 KB)

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Could you help me with this?


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@gerardramon, did you follow all the steps outlined in the support article? Sometimes missing a step should also trigger an issue with the dynamic data attachment feature. As a check, would you mind loading the sample files shared in the article to see if you are able to load the same and make it work?

Hi @Kal_Lam finally I’ve reached it myself.

Dynamic attachment doesn’t work within groups but this is not well explained on the help post…

I’ve solved it with the follow steps:

  • I’ve removed groups in parent project except one. Like your example in the article.
  • In the child project in every group where there was a dynamic attachment I’ve needed to put the id field that matches with parent project. I’ve needed to repeat it as many groups I’ve had.

And tha’ts works for me but I’ve spent a lot of time in essay and error. As I’ve said before I think that the help article in the web could be more detailled.


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