Dynamic data attachment in repeat group alternative

Is there a new in this topic in development team to use the dynamic data attachment in repeat group in longitudinal data in repeating group. I have a form1 collecting by enumerators collect data from members of household in repeating group. The form2 collecting by the supervisor containing different enumerators calculate and summarize the record of form1 in repeating group too. Each repeat in form2 contain the data of each enumerator coming in form1. form2 is the summarize of form1. The linking forms is the id of enumerators and id of supervisors both in form1 and form2. The id enumerators in form1 is not in repeating group but the id enumerators in form2 is in repeating group. Is there a way to solve this, I stuck for many days.

Sorry @ligui, KoboToolbox, at the moment, does not support repeat groups with the dynamic data attachment features.

Thanks Kal_Lam. I will delete the repeat group and put in place a simple group. The form will be submitted for every record of member.

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Is there a new development on this matter of attaching dynamic data from a repeat group of different forms?