Dynamic Data Attachments - Using Child Forms as Parent Forms for Other Child Forms

Hi All,

I have been using Kobo Toolbox’ Dynamic Data Attachments-Feature successfully for some time. Now, however, I would like to develop a more complex project which essentially mirrors a workflow with Respondent A administering a Parent Form, Respondent B retrieving the data entered by Respondent A and adding further information in a Child Form, and Respondent C retrieving the data entered by Respondent B and adding further information in a Grandchild Form. While having tried hard to get this to work, I struggle to retrieve data from the Child Form in a linked Grandchild Form. I linked the Grandchild to the Child Form in essentially the same manner as the Child Form to the Parent Form. Thus here my question:

Can a Child Form in Kobo Toolbox serve, at the same time, as a Parent Form to another Child Form (i.e. Form B retrieves data from Form A and Form C retrieves data from Form B, etc)? And if yes, what do I need to consider when linking the Grandchild to the Child Form? If no, is there any workaround?

Glad about any suggestions.

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Welcome to the community, @danischo! I will give a check and get back to you soon.

Thanks, @Kal_Lam. I look forward to your feedback. Also, please let me know whether this is something I should drop in the ‘Suggestion Box’.

@danischo, yes this is possible with the dynamic data attachment feature. I just linked the grand child with the child project and the child project with the parent project. Had no issues.