Dynamic Data Problem

Dear All.
I hope you are doing well.

Two months ago, I tried the dynamic data and it was working well. I had to update the parent surveys records to use it in new child surveys. the problem is after updating the already existed record I can’t reach it through my new and old child surveys.

So what should I do?


Hi @MenarYazji,

Can you provide some screenshots of the issue so community can see it a little more detail? For example what was the expected behaviour, what is the current situation, what did you change in the parent survey records and so on.

My initial guess is, did you by any chance change any of the parameters (labels, etc.) in parent and/or child surveys?

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I did the updating like the video below:


After updating the records, I got this message when trying to open the record in edit mode.


and when I open the new or the old child surveys and type the code to get the full record I got blank!!


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If I see correctly what you are editing is a select_one type of question.

Can you check if the question you edit has the select_one choices set properly for your edit, and the name YES set as a choice name properly?

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yes I typed “Yes” as the property name !!!

What I was trying to say was,

Is “Yes” an acceptable choice name for your select_one question that you edit?

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I should write “Yes” like the name column or like the label. cuz I write it like the name column