Dynamic multiple choice questions


I am building forms for community health works (CHW) to be able to follow up weights of children.

I have two forms:

    1. The first one is Children register. With this one one the CHW registers the child profile with child name, child date of birth, parents names, village and gives a unique identifier eg: 0001
    1. The second form will be used to record weight of children on a given period of time… in my case it in every month. This form will have the date of measure (weighing), the name of the child or the unique identifier and the weight.

The challenge: What can I do so to automatically populate either names or unique identifiers from the first form in the multiple choice question of the second form where the CHW will select either the name or the identifier of the child during the weight taking exercise.

Hope it is clear and you can help.

Thank you very much

You may not be able to do this if the two forms are being run simultaneously. However, if you intend to deploy the listing form with a time period before you implement the anthropometric form, you can do this by using pull data functionality, based on the following logic:

  1. Create your listing form as usual and then export its data. You will then organize the data to fit your pull data functionality.
  2. Create your anthropometric form pulling data from the CSV in 1 above.

Kindly do not hesitate to reach out in case of any challenges.


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Drear @stephanealoo this is exactly what I wanted to avoid (I haven’t done it yet but Imagined it could be one of the way)

As I read your response, I now wonder if it can be possible in case I combine both forms in one form. Is this possible?

Dear @stephanealoo Stephano,

Sorry for the follow up… You said that it is not possible if the two forms are run simultaneously. Does it mean that I use one form for children register and the same form to implement the anthropometric it is possible? If yes, I will then use one form.

Thank you

That should work. However let us say Interviewer A fills the listing, they can only use what they listed on anthropometric measures. Interviewer B will not be able to see that.


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Thank you very much. I will be okay with this. Let me try it and may come back to you in case I have any issue