Dynamic project problem: Child data is not working

Dear All,

I am using a dynamic data project. My parent dataset has worked following the guideline that I derived from this group. However, I could not upload the child data. Could you please support me regarding this. Here is my file for your support.
branch level_urban.xlsx (72.4 KB)
Regional level_urban.xlsx (78.2 KB)

Could you support me as soon as possible

Thank you

Welcome back to the community, @reajulbracupg! Maybe you could have a look at the sample file shared in this article:

The sample file should give you an idea of what is missing in your XLSForm. I would also advise you to play around with the sample files shared in the article.

Dear Kal_Lam,

I have read those articile and followed it in the attached file. it is not working in group questions. how can I do it?

Thank you so much