Edit collected data on Kobo server

Can anyone help on how to resolve an error when you want to edit collected data on Kobo server?
The error reads as below:

  • FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: position( /model/instance[1]/aZNfHgA4BFUEYJprhQ62SY/gSURVEY/gWATERCOL/gHHWLOOP ), message: nodeset provided to position() contained multiple nodes

Hi @dacidri,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind providing your user name and the project name in a private message so that i could have a look at my end?


Please give me your private mail for me to send you the details. Thanks

Hi @dacidri,

Saw the following error message while trying to edit the form:

Shall report the same to the developers!

Thanks for letting us know! Will get back to you when resolved!


Thanks so much, that is the same error i saw. I hope to get feedback very soon because i have a tight timeline to conduct analysis and reporting.


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Hi @dacidri!

From the error/screenshot it looks like the reason behind the “edit” breaking is the position() calculation that you are using inside a repeating group.

Could you try removing the calculation (and all of the subsequent items where it is referenced) from the form and re-deploying (maybe try it on a duplicate form with dummy-data first).