Enable export by validation field

Please inform us if it is possible to develop an option in the export module in excel that allows the records to be exported by the validation field, an example that allows me to export only those that have the validation field approved.


@cispmed, do you mean downloading the dataset by filtering certain choices from the variable available in the project? Say you have a variable sex with choices male and female. Now, as a user, do you only wish to download the dataset of male? Did I get you correctly?

Correct, in this case, being able to download only what the validation field says approved or rejected, this functionality in large forms would avoid having to download the entire database and thus speed up the export process.


@cispmed, I have changed your topic post to the suggestion box. Maybe you could VOTE for this feature request to make it live in the upcoming days!

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It would be a great functionality.


Hello @Kal_Lam,
linking to other posts demanding export filters, e.g. submission date range, we would like to propose a more general enhancement: e.g. allowing to use all table view filters also to filter the data export.
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Thank you @wroos for updating this feature request.