Encrypted Forms & REST API


Is it possible to decrypt form data through the REST API in Python, using the generated private key?

I can see the following JSON keys in the response:

  1. ‘base64EncryptedElementSignature’
  2. ‘base64EncryptedKey’
  3. ‘encryptedXmlFile’

If it is possible, which element(s) contain encrypted keys/values.

If not possible, what would be the best approach to programatically access encrypted data using the REST API? Would I need to download the data in CSV files first and then decrypt, or is there another more efficient approach?

Much appreciated.

Hypothetically, this should be possible. However note that that the JSON API does not (presently) decrypt data and so would not be able to work.

I will leave this open for other users to comment if they have had experience getting this done.

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I don’t think that encrypted keys/values are exposed in the JSON response; instead, all of the submitted data is stored in encryptedXmlFile. You could probably pull those files and adapt this old thing I wrote:


Much appreciated. I’ll try the approach suggested by @jnm. I ended up creating a REST service, though that also has its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to pushing submission edits.