End survey if the interviewee has taken the interview in year 2020

Hi lovely people,

I am building a form but I am having trouble with something.

This is the questions sequence

  1. Did you participated in the interview before? (options are “yes” and “no”)
  2. If yes, when? (date)
    • If the year of the interview is, let’s say 2020, the interview should finish here, but if the interviewee has participated in the interview but in a different year (for example 2018), s/he can carry on with the questionnaire.

Any help will be much appreciated.



Hi @17dan1991
Welcome to the community forum. The functionality you are looking for is known as skip logic and we have documented a support article on the same. Kindly note, since you are interested in the year, you can always use a format date command
format-date(${DateQuestion},’%Y’) as part of your constraint

There have also been previous discussions around working with skip logics to determine the end of a questionnaire


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Hi Stephane,

Many thanks for your asportation.

I have been trying different ways and I am not able to fix this issue. I think because in the same group I have two questions with date.

This is the xls form and the link to the survey


Any help on this will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Could you kindly share with the community your xlsform so that someone form the community would be able have a closer look at your issue.

Many thanks @Kal_Lam

This is the form

form.xlsx (46.9 KB)

Hi @17dan1991
I have amended your form and this should now work on this parameter. Check the yellow line.

You can find the working form here.
TerminateForm.xlsx (45.9 KB)


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