Enketo data lost

Data collected in the field was lost. Last Thursday they were in the counter (48 forms) and today the counter appears zero and there is no record in the project.
The device that was used to collect the data was an iphone 11.
What may have happened, is it possible to recover the data?

Greetings and thanks

Hi @renemunoz,

Welcome to the community! Could you confirm that you have not cleaned the browser which could have cleared the collected information.

Besides, thank you for letting us know about the data loss that you are facing while collecting through Enketo using Iphone.

In the meantime, would you provide us with the following information so that it would be easy for the developers to explore your issue:

  • IOS version
  • Time zone
  • KoBoToolbox user name
  • Project name


Thanks for the reply.

The navigation data has not been deleted voluntarily. I will verify if that was done automatically.

I take the opportunity to comment that yesterday 8 records arrived (it’s strange).

Here I will send the requested data.

IOS Version: 13
Time zone: UTC / GTM - 4
KoBoToolbox username: renemunoz

Thanks and regards

Hi dear all,

I also encountered the same problem of data loss. After data collection, one of the Surveyors submits his forms of 4 villages whose data from three villages have arrived at the servers but the fourth and last village surveyed has not arrived.

Would you help us to understand what arrived?
Best regards

Hi @Bernard_26,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly let us know how you are sure that your enumerators has collected and submitted the data of 4 villages where he was able to submit the data from 3 village while a village that he has collected is missing. Kindly please help us by provide more information on this.

Have a great day!

Many thanks for your quick response.
So, the surveyor sent data for the first 3 villages before collecting data in the last village.
While he was back in to the office, I gave me a briefing of data process and administrative challenges, but I didn’t verify data in his phone.
At the end, I realize that only his last village that missed in server.
I don’t have evidence if he didn’t collect data really or he didn’t submit to the server.
I’m confused for that.

Kind regards

Hi @Bernard_26,

Could you also let us know the mode he used for collecting data i.e. which mode did the enumerator use to collect data Enekto or KoBoCollect android app?

Kindly please let us know.

Have a great day!

He used Enketo in mobile device (CAT S31)

Hi @Bernard_26,

Would you mind checking the browser and the link in the enumerators device. Sometime data gets stuck in the browser unsent due to an internet connectivity issue. Sometimes, the user could have accidentally cleared the cache of the browser before sending the data to the server. This could result in data loss from the browser.

Have a great day!