Enketo unable to auto-detect delimiting character

Hi, I had faced the issue of Enketo being unable to auto-detect delimiting characters. I have checked all the previous discussions, but none explained my situation. It only happens in some people, not all staff or me having any issues with any forms,

don’t have any CSV files in the form, I use the same parent and child structure for my over 40 forms, and all of them work perfectly without any issues. I have already collected around 2000 submissions without problem, this problem was reported recently. What could be the possible reason?

@osmanburcu, could you also let us know on when you see this error message? BTW, have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator?

Hi @Kal_Lam, I validated my forms, there is no error and also it doesn’t happen to everybody. It happens in some people, personally, i didn’t see it, one of my colleagues facing this issue, while other people from the same field, using the same form don’t have this issue. This error appeared for awhile i believe, this picture from today

Update: I tried it on the same computer with two different accounts. One has no issue at all regarding the form, but when I log into other account, they can’t access the same form. It is somehow a related issue.

I have exactly the same issue. Out of a team of 18 people, 5 were able to download and use the form, for 13 others it did’t work. What i noticed is that the form works for accounts that were set up last year, but not for accounts which were created recently.

@clemensg So yesterday I solved the problem at least for one account, but I didn’t have any other account that I could test more. So I believe this could be happening for two reasons,

1- if your instance/pull data from other forms only has one column or two columns, if there is two columns and one of them is empty somehow, it might be returning an error. I am 99% sure that my data doesn’t have any empty value, but I never know, so to avoid it, just add a few more questions in the connection tab, to avoid any issue. and don’t forget to re-deploy the form.

2- I believe that somehow this might be the key, so in the new account, I see that country is a must, but in old accounts country is empty, so I believe it using a default country value. So I changed this account’s country to the US,

Before applying the first step, i was not even able to edit the submitted forms, but after the first change, I was able to edit the forms, but not open a new form, after few time of trying i saw the new form available ribbon but still getting the mistake, after the changing country i was totally able to open a new form or edit a new.

If you test it and get a positive result, please let us know


Thank you @osmanburcu for these tips!
I did add the country in the settings of the account which has made submissions in the parent project. It had been empty before. And suddenly the new user is able to download and fill the form, although I made no changes to the form itself.
So it worked! I will have to check if the same is true for all the new users and then give you an update.
Update: What I also figured out is that my old account which was created some time back was the only collaborator in the survey which had no country in the settings, The other accounts which were created last year already had the country. So changing the settings of this one account only made the dynamic data attachment work.
Update 2: Now the form works for all enumerators. The issue seems to been solved.

@Kal_Lam this is very strange behaviour though, do you have any explanation why this is happening? Also, you may want to add this information in the article on dynamic data attachments → Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation

Currently, changing the country to the US solves the problem, i tried it in many accounts and it worked. I think Kobo teams needs to dig into it more


For this issue, I had to change the country to US to resolve the problem. I don’t know the reason why it doesn’t work for other countries. Hopefully Kobo team can have this fixed for other countries as well.

See update for your duplicate posting here, please, Unable to auto-detect delimiting character; defaulted to ',' - #10 by nolive,

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