Entering different parts of a questionnaire by several users all connected from the same account

Je me nomme Yves et je vous écris du Cameroun.
Est-il possible pour plusieurs utilisateurs de se connecter sur le même compte et de saisir simultanément les différentes parties d’un questionnaires ?
My name is Yves and i’m living in Cameroon. Please is it possible for many user to log on the same account and create simultaneously the differents parts of a questionnaire ? Thank you !

Hi @cncpndp,

Though this feature is not directly present in KoBoToolbox, It should be possible where several users all connected from the same account try to build a questionnaire (i tried login into my account via 2 laptops and was able to). But the only thing you should be careful is with providing a question number along the question you put while designing your survey form. You should strictly follow the questionnaire of the hard copy (which you should finalize and agree among colleagues) before starting to build the questionnaire.

The final step would be serially ordering the question number according to the hard copy!


Hi Kal_Lam,
I try what you did but i discover that the various parts of the questionnaire designed by my friends would appear first to all of us but later disappear.
To solve the problem, we try something different. Each partner tried login on his own account, designed part of the questionnaire and deploy it. whe deploying it, he makes sure that he gaves my all the accreditation’s to edit the form. Then, i copy the various questions and insert them in the questionnaire.
Thank you !

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you probably know that working with XLSForms in Excel would also be an option. (If you do this on google drive you could even share it at real time.) Also exporting your online parts as XLSForms, joining them and re-importing may help.
Kind regards