Equivalence in API between humanitarian an non-humanitarian Kobo Instances

Hi there,
Usually I query Kobo , after making my data public, from POWER BI using:
https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/ USERNAME /reports/ FORM_ID_IN_KOBOTOOLBOX /export.csv
In order to Obtain my data with Labels in default language.

Does anyone know if there would there be any equivalence for the non Humanitarian instance (https://kf.kobotoolbox.org)
I tried (https://kf.kobotoolbox.org/USERNAME/reports/FORM_ID/export.csv) but I got an error:

The requested URL /USERNAME/reports/FORM_ID/export.csv was not found on this server.

Any guesses, specially @bareta or @vonengelhardt :slight_smile:
My idea for this is to create a POWER BI file that is parametriced to retrieved the data when you select 3 parameters (Instance, Account, Form_ID). I see that a lot of people struggle with this…well It seems I do too!

Hi there,
Thanks for tagging me in this, but I’m afraid I don’t have any smart things to say about this. For Tableau, I switched to the Kobo Web Data Connector (which also comes with some issues).

Sorry I can’t help & good luck!

Just trying my luck here! THanks anyway