Error 404 when using ODK Briefcase to export data from Kobo server

This is a fairly technical question, for pulling data using ODK briefcase.

I’m using ODK Briefcase v1.12.2 to connect to a kc.kobotoolbox server.

I had been using it up to the weekend with no problem. However, yesterday went to pull the data using the java app for ODK briefcase. The pull happened fine. However, the export failed.

The error it gave was:

Fetching form definition
Unexpected error: Fetch failed. Detailed reason: NOT FOUND (404) while accessing:

I don’t know enough to tell what this error might mean, and if this is something failing with ODK Briefcase, with the Kobo server side, or with the formID? I’ve asked for help on the ODK community - but they think it might be an issue with the Kobo server side?

What I’ve tried so far:

  • I tried creating a new “ODK Briefcase Storage” in a different folder location
  • I tried exporting to a different export location
  • I tried to use ODK Briefcase v.1.9.0 (Production 2) - however couldn’t “pull” at all with that version
  • I opened up the file called cache.ser in ODK Briefcase Storage to see if the formID was in there - it is in there, yes.

I’m at a loss, didn’t know if this is a similar problem, or if it’s completely different, or if you have workarounds to suggest?

Thanks a million!